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Incredible Years (2014) 

Journalist Sioned Morys takes a look at the complex and often fraught world of 21st-century parenting

The Flint Maisonettes (2014)

Documentary Series about the demolition of the Flint Maisonettes


A Miracle for Padi (2013)

Padi was diagnosed with a brain tumor, a medulloblastoma, this programme is an audio diary recoded by Padi's parents as they dealt with his condition


Irritated By The Councils (2012)

Series - Retired Surgeon and ex-council member, Christine Evans takes on controversial issues surrounding County Councils

England's Final Colony (2012)

Series - Renowned international author Jan Morris and her son, award-winning poet Twm Morys, reflect on Wales as England's Final Colony, along with fascinating guests to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.


Is Welsh Education in Crisis (2011)

Series - In a European-wide table ranking student performance from 2010, Wales

languished at the bottom, 18 points below England. Professor David Reynolds asks whether

Welsh education is in crisis


My Dead Dad And Me (2011)

Series - Journalist Ian Spindley explores how to approach the unavoidable admin that

follows the death of a loved one.




BBC Radio Cymru


Cartrefi Cymru (2013/14) 

Ymweliad a chartrefi rhai o enwogion hanes Cymru


Ser Bach Yr Ysbyty (2011/12)

Cyfres yn olrain hanes y plant sydd yn gorfod ymweld â'n ysbytai mwyaf ar drothwy y



Llythyr at (2009)

Ymdopi gyda trawma emosiynol